Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alsafa Arabic Restaurant and Coffee Shop

One afternoon back in Autumn, my flatmate and friend Nik and I set out to look for C5 Art Gallery in Chaoyang District. After walking through what seemed like all the lanes of Chaoyang, we went for a rest in an authentic-looking Arab restaurant: Alfasa.

Alfasa was authentic in that when we entered the restaurant, a man was in the middle of his afternoon prayers, so we had to proceed upstairs quietly. Upstairs, there was a group of Arab men happily (and noisily) partaking of seesha and afternoon snacks.

The owner chatted with us while we dined on some hummous.

Hummous (Garbanzo Beans Dip) for RMB 20

Arabic Bread for RMB 5

Alfasa Arabic Restaurant
亮马河南路 Liangmahe South
Chaoyang District
Beijing, China

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