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This blog marries my passion for food and my drive to seek out experiences in new places.  It is also my attempt put to use the little creative juice squeezed out of my right brain. My food exploits are in good progress as I try to post new entries regularly, but my favorite will always be my Grandpa's kare-kare.

Culinary Conquests reflects my health-conscious foodie side, but I'm into other things as well. Mains: finance background, China geek, speaks some Mandarin, ADHD mitigated by constant stream of new knowledge, badminton nut, outdoor adventurer.

Four lives lived
I was born and raised in the vibrant city of Manila. I had my first working stint in an investment bank in Hong Kong and on my free time, I enjoyed dining pleasures unique to hole in the wall eateries. My first job took me to the food haven that is Singapore and, with the traveling opportunities that came with my job, I explored different cuisines in different countries. Today, I live in the most dynamic city on earth, Beijing, and take bites of different Chinese cuisines.

Some entries about me

These words are my own
Culinary Conquests is not connected with or compensated by any firm. I visit restaurants out of my own volition and out of my own pocket. When I receive free invites, I reveal this at the beginning of each entry. I am not a food expert nor do I claim to be, nor is this blog an exhaustive coverage of the food scene. This blog highlights positive experiences during my free time.