Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Secret hide out of best Roti Prata

Su, Ramon and I took a walk in Macritchie one morning, where we saw


larger than life plants

After the 9-km trail, Su took me to Casuarina (136/138), where they allegedly served the best roti prata in Singapore.

I took Indian food with hesitation because the flavor manifested on me..

But as usual, Su did not disappoint. It was by far the best prata I've had, considering, however, that my selections were limited to Food Republic and Little India. Their prata was thick at the middle and crispy toward the end. I loved it.

She loved it, too =P

138 Casuarina Road
Tel: 65 6455 9093

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  1. hey yea thx so much for tagging us as monkeys!!! Ramon, SAY SOMETHING!!