Sunday, July 05, 2009

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Clark, Wen, Michelle, Bill and I had dessert in Xin Wang Hong Kong Café in Anchorpoint.

I fell in love with the menu cover.
It reminded me of chasing trams in Wan Chai.

The first page photo elicited recollections of the neon lights of Central.

Black Sesame Cream with Peanut Dumplings (SGD 4.5).
It doesn’t look enticing but looks do deceive!

Yin Yang (coffee-tea mix: SGD 3)

Triple Snow Ice (SGD 6.9).

A small gift for Jules.

Red bean paste with Japanese Rice Mochi and Ice Cream!! (SGD 5.9)
Am loving red bean more each time

Japanese Rice Mochi with crushed peanuts and white sesame for SGD 3.9

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
370 Alexandra Road
#01-07/08 Anchorpoint
Tel: 65 6474 4498


  1. Oh my goodness Faith, can I please live with you and can you please feed me??

  2. haha ok i cook too! but just havent had the time... for one and a half months now. hahaha