Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Orange Lantern in Harborfront

In anticipation of my Vietnam trip, Su and I had dinner in Orange Lantern so I can effectively contrast the authentic Vietnamese food from otherwise. Vietnamese food looks so simple - seems like its just a couple of leaves thrown in but I love how the simple mix and arrangement produces a herbal aroma and a feast for tired eyes.

Bì Cuốn / Gỏi Cuốn - Rice Paper Rolls with Prawns - SGD 6.5

Phở Bò - Special Beef Noodle Soup – SGD 10.5.
Su’s first beef meal in weeks!

Đặc Sản Gà Cuốn - Orange Lantern Chicken Wrap – SGD 8.5

Avocado shake - SGD 5

Lime juice - SGD 3

The Orange Lantern Vietnamese Restaurant
1 Maritime Square
#01-98 Harbourfront Centre
Tel: 65 6274 1968

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