Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sexy pasta with scallops

I borrowed term from Wen - Sexy is the apt description when you are too lazy to dress your pasta up with real sauce.

It turns out that my olive oil was hiding behind the sunflower oil so I went ahead with my planned pesto. The deviation I made this time was to cook the pasta on a water with cinnamon sticks and sesame oil. I love the smell of sesame oil and I put it in when I cook my brown rice, so I tried it with this one. I tossed in the cinnamon sticks to add a pungent hint of madness. >:)

I left it boiling and when I opened the bowl to check, the cinammon aroma pushed itself out. I stood there smelling my work and watching the bubbles dissipate, the cinnamon so enticingly fragrant I could have had a facial right there.

The sexy pasta of the lazy - pasta, chili, pepper, pre-ground basil, ready to cook scallops.

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