Friday, November 06, 2009

Dubai is sweeter the second time around.

We ran our Dubai event last week and once again we took refuge along Sheikh Zayed road. I was more familiar with the city this time around, so we knew we wanted adventure and we knew how to get it.

Discovered the AWESOME Dubai Mall and rediscovered the joy of dessert safari and the tranquility the Lost Chambers, one of my most favourite places on earth. I felt blessed being here.

Hello, grab your bags, and let's go.

I got lucky with my bed's position. The sunrise steadily crept in every morning and gently nudged my eyes awake

The awakening

The first time we popped in Dubai Mall, we found ourselves in front of the Burj. Describing it is a tall order.

I thought Forever 21 in Sg was huge. Now it looked drab and small.
With Dubai mall's shop, I died and went to F21 heaven.

This was the huge fish tank in the middle of the mall. With divers in them. AED 825 each.

Many of such designs all over the mall. Such a waste of space! But who's complaining?

One of the mall attractions, aside from the sheer size of it.

Electronic lights that made the ceiling look like the universe

Emirates Office Tower. This was right above the DIFC station.
I was this close ->| |<- to at least touching the newly opened Dubai Metro but Wenwei threatened to leave me if I prolonged any second.

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