Monday, November 30, 2009

After You, Bangkok

After our group Thai massage (where you come in being battered but come our relaxed), we headed down to After You for some fabulous afternoon dessert. It was amazing how the place did not have empty seats and the turnover was so quick!

Chocolate lava for THB 145 - the chocolate wasn't oozing out like I was used to, but it's warm enough inside

Strawberry Trifle for THB 145 - top portion. Quite small for our taste, but most of the initial investment probably went into the chocolate shavings

came with a strawberry sauce! =)

Shibuya honey toast for THB 165. This was the winner's choice. At first I couldn't understand how they could milk us for a piece of toast, but you had to taste it to know why. This was sweet and warm with a touch of ice and it made me feel fuzzy chewing it.

Strawberry crumble for THB 145

After You
Lor Chula
Bangkok, Chatuchak,
Bangkok 10900, Thailand

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