Thursday, December 31, 2009

Guava, Serendra, and Epic Carlos Celdran Intramuros Tour

I completely understand why an entire restaurant is dedicated to guava. It's very nutritious!

According to, guavas are "superfruits" because
- they are rich in Vitamin A and C
- seeds are omega rich and contains dietary fiber
- Vit C of 1 apple guava = Vit C of 4x orange
- provides moderate amount of calcium, iron, potassium, copper
- has antioxidants

The food we tasted all had a slight taste of Guava.

Chicken Adobo: stewed and garnished with roasted shallots and garlic for Php 165

Tinapa Rice: with flaked smoked fish with shallot, salted eggs and chicaron for Php 155

Bibingka Pancakes with Kesong Puti and Salted Duck Eggs: served with guava syrup, buttered toasted coconut for Php 155

After lunch, we joined a Carlos Celdran's Intramuros Deluxe Tour.

That's a carving of Saint James killing 4 Muslims. I never really noticed. Amaziiiing.

I love visiting Old Manila (we have done the Manila Bay sunset and the walk around Luneta park and I think the vintage buildings are a darling) but it's refreshing to visit it with new eyes this time

Calye Real! From Fili. In concrete!

One man show. Hat's off! =)

His biggest crowd yet.

After the tour, we visited Rizal Park to commemorate Rizal Day (admittedly, for the first time our entire lives)


  1. Eto pala yung Binondo tour. Grabe 70 people, I bet overflowing with cash yung hat nya after the tour

  2. No, this is the Intramuros Tour. The Binondo tour is by Ivan Man Dy =)