Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Kimochi, Harbourfront, Singapore

Kimochi was strategically placed at the corner of Vivo City: it was right beside POSB so it was easy to pop in the restaurant after one draws cash from the bank.

My friend called it the Japanese Subway. They presented a selection of light but filling choices of sandwiches and salads, incorporating Japanese essentials like wasabi, sushi and unagi. Like Subway, Kimochi provided healthy options that make you feel like it was justified to drop by after a gym workout from True Fitness two floors up.

We started with their Ice Lemon Green Tea. This title has been overused but somehow Kimochi managed to effectively marry the bitter taste of green tea and the sour taste of lemon. The result was, well, you can’t quite tell. My description wouldn't do justice, so try it in Kimochi to experience the taste.

The Ebi Salad (SGD 8.80) was made of fresh prawns, romaine lettuce, butterhead lettuce, Japanese cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, topped with special Japanese dressing. They used light mayo that was sectioned from the main salad - a consideration for the health buffs. They put careful detail in the salad, even adding on star shaped turnips.

Their California salad ( SGD 8.80) was a mix of white cabbage, romaine lettuce, Japanese cucumbers, tomatoes, kani stick, avocado, ebikko, mayonnaise, and homemade wafu dressing. I suppose its a matter of preference, but I would have opted for the sauce of the salad to be creamier so I can taste it on the upper part of the salad. I suggested this to Matthew, one of the owners of the restaurant, and he said that the formula has been stress tested with the market, and this was the most preferred version. Nonetheless, the sour cream onion taste went well with a tangerine touch.

The Unagi sandwich (SGD 9.80), my personal favourite, was made of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, ebikko mayo, wasabi furikake, grilled unagi and special unagi sauce. The great thing about the sauce was that it somehow seeped thoroughly in the unagi, and it left an aftertaste in my tongue.

Rainbow bliss (SGD 13.80) was made of rainbow maki accompanied by a 6 colored maki. They featured raw swordfish, salmon, tuna, flying fish roe and fresh salmon, sans the fishy greasy taste.

Rainbow bliss at close up.

They took pains in steaming the rice in different vegetable essence. This was to capture the nutrients of each vegetable on the rice, but I feel that it was more helpful in locking in the taste and making the sushi look like a visual feast. Who can say no to multi colored rice?

Our last main dish was the Salmon gaga (SGD 10.80). It was made of avocado, kani stick, cucumber, ebikko, mayonnaise and topped with salmon with a salmon sashimi flower. The salmon flower was such a darling. I couldn't touch it with my chopsticks because it looked too delicate. The devil was in the details.

They sent us off with Wasabi ice cream (SGD 5.80). This was a great end to my culinary experience - a definite must try. Its texture played between sorbet's and dirty ice cream. It injected random spicy tastes and random portions of my tongue, and it ended with a gentle transition from spicy to creamy. My soul melted in sweet pain.

Give it a shot - Kimochi, the healthy choice. Save for the wasabi ice cream - that one was sinful.

1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-163 VivoCity
Tel: 65 6376 8380

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