Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pete's Place, Grand Hyatt Hotel

Thanks to Pauline for treating us to dinner in Pete's Place. Pete's is a bit dark in ambiance but they do their Italian well!

We went for the salad buffet, some pasta and pizza - true to our Italian choices!

Winner: olive bread.


beans beans they make you....

I can eat these like grapes. I used ot hate it so much before!

Linguine alle Vongole - Linguine with clams, dry chili and herbs in white wine for SGD 37

Pizza al frutti di mare - seafood, mazzarella, basil, tomatoes for SGD 23

Tiramisu - "savoiandi" biscuit soaked in espresso with mascarpone cream

Pete's Place
10 Scotts Road
Basement, Grand Hyatt Hotel
Tel: 65 6732 1234

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