Friday, July 23, 2010

Masuki Mami Restaurant in Binondo, Manila

Masuki was established in 1930 - Chinatown's first mami house. It was previously called Ma Mon Luk, but labour problems forced it to change its name. According to this (props to the researcher!), Ma Mon Luk was a Cantonese teacher who arrived in Manila in the 1920s. He set up a kitchen that served mami and siopao. The Filipino word "mami" was allegedly attributed to him. Mi means noodles, and mami means "noodles of Mr Ma."

We tasted their top two finds, but we found it lacking. We were later informed that we are supposed to mix the sauce for the food to taste better.

Original Mami for Php 90 - this is the original "Gupit" noodles

Special Siopao - Pork Asado for Php 70

Masuki Mami Restaurant Corporation
931 Benavidez Street
Binondo, Manila
Tel: 632 243 26


  1. My family was shocked when I talked about the tasteless mami! They remember Masuki mami to be delicious. Mukhang siopao sauce kasi! :P

  2. Ah was that supposed to be for the mami?? I thought it was for the siopao! I bathed my siopao with it! Whoopssss

  3. i wanna try coz mahilig ako sa noodle soup! :D

  4. Hmmm the soup isn't really that much. On hindsight, I think we just tried this out kasi it was the oldest resto daw.

  5. haha! hindi ba kayo binigyan ng sauce nung sinerve yung mami sa inyo? well.. actually double purpose talaga yung sauce nila, for mami and siopao.. ginagamit ko din ito pang-sawsawan ng siomai, sarap eh..

  6. Interesting restaurant and foods. I want to taste that mami and siopao because it looks so delicious. I try to visit this restaurant soon.

    1. Good luck Kirstz! Hope you had fun like I did! Why don't you try the Binondo food hop like I featured in the blog? :) (please see the Binondo tag)

  7. Thanks Faith for the reply. I will try your suggestion it's my honor to visit there. I've been searching for the best restaurant to eat and off course I want to taste their delicious foods. Keep it up.^_^