Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breakfast at Antonio's in Tagaytay

I was lucky enough to join a trip to Tagaytay of Marion, Archie and select School of Management faculty. It was a day full of a laughter and a lot of revelations, but the biggest one is that teachers are fun! Except when they release grades...

Our first foodie stop was Breakfast at Antonio's. I have been subtly telling Sir Mike about this and I am so glad he took up the challenge as I have been craving for superb waffles for a while now. Antonio's (the dinner) is frequently cited as the best in the Philippines in prestigious food publications all over the world, while Breakfast has garnered high praises as well.

The last two times I went to Breakfast at Antonio's (in the old location) was at night time, so I very much loved this morning visit because I was able to see its manicured and romantically designed garden in its full glory. They had a great ambiance, the mountain air breezed through the lanai softly, the way the light filtered through the windows was just perfect. The grand staircase was awesome. The wooden tables and the random wooden decor stayed consistent with its earthly theme.

Stolen shot of one of my most treasured mentors and my beautiful friend

They foresaw the need. Thanks for placing the entire pot by my side!

House Special Beef Tapa for Php 365

Super Omellettes - 3 eggs omelette in ham and cheese flavour with house potato and panini for Php 340

French Toast - dipped in Vanilla Creme and cinnamon egg butter served with hot apple compote and whipped cream for Php 275. I felt this was our best pick. It looked gorgeous, and tasted as great as it looked.

One of the house specials: Chorizo with Eggs for Php 480

Chocolate Chip Waffle with rasberry whipped butter for Php 235. I was a bit disappointed with this because I expected something larger and fairer. This seems like something I can take from Pancake House. But seeing how everyone else's food looks like wiped the negative vibes away.

I'm still on a high from dining here, and I always look back to my photos of the place. I'm still keeping (the world famous!) dinner at Antonio's in mind, perhaps when I go back in a few months.

Breakfast at Antonio’s
Bgy. Neogan
Tagaytay City, Cavite
Tel: 63 918 899 2866


  1. I agree! I think the french toast looked the best :) It was fun having you there on the trip!

  2. Thank you for having me. =) It was really so fun, I laughed the whole day. By night time, I was running on endorphins haha! =)