Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baguo Buyi (Sichuan Food)

I've been craving for Sichuan food since my Aunt mentioned her trip to Sichuan province. My mother influenced me to love spicy food, thus my natural affinity to Sichuan dishes. This one, in particular, was a perfect match for a freezing Sunday evening. Thanks to my good friend Charles for the treat!

Stir fried beef strips for RMB 29

Stir friend spicy chicken for RMB 39

Veggie greens for RMB 28

Dan Dan Mian (not quite the one I like, this one has less peanut flavour) for RMB 6

Baguo Buyi
89-3 Di'anmen Dongdajie
Beijing, China
Tel: 86 10 6400 8888

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