Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crystal Jade Restaurant 上海

After having my cocktail in Luna Bar, my brother and I met up in Crystal Jade Restaurant to satiate my craving for DanDan Mian. I absolutely loved this place. Not only was my Dandan Mian spicy-peanut perfect, but my brother also kept on praising the food as he ate. He's the type of person who ignores food he doesn't like, so I trust his discriminating taste. Some of what we had:

Dandan Mian - loved this! - for RMB 35. I'd go back to this restaurant if only for this.

Steamed prawns for RMB 108

Yangzhou fried rice for RMB 58

Combination platter - roasted duck, roasted pork and soy chicken - for RMB 120

Crystal Jade Restaurant
South Block Xin Tiandi,
Lane 123, Xingye Ly
Shanghai, China
Tel: 86 21 6385 8752


  1. We tried Crystal Jade in HK. I dunno if it's the same. Anyway, di ko carry ang pigeon. Haha. But all the other stuff we ate was good.

  2. Had a bite off the pigeon lang but go ng go si didi. Think it should be the same. I remember tasting Crystal Jade in Manila when I was really young but I didn't remember feeling ecstatic about the food like this

  3. Never tried the one in Manila though.

    Btw, there's Wee Nam Kee already in the Philippines. Try it to compare next time you're here.