Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dadong Kaoyadian (Jinbao Place)

I wasn't very happy with my first experience with Dadong Kaoyadian, but my good friend Jill had only great things to say about their Jinbao branch so we decided to give it a try. No regrets on this one! I loved the interiors especially, and their duck wasn't as fat as the last one I tasted.

我非常喜欢大董烤鸭店的第二店。地方的设计很好看。他们的烤鸭不太胖, 很好吃!

Open over - pick your own duck

One of the chefs posing for a photo - 厨师的照片

The entrance of the restaurant will greet you with their open kitchen

Classy interiors - 非常漂亮!

Half Roast Duck (一半烤鸭) for RMB 99

Grilled Beef (中国的牛肉) Steak Chinese Style for RMB 66

Rice Oyster (米饭) for RMB 22

Sesame soup on the house!

Tiramisu with sugar coated fruit (蛋糕和水果), a house innovation, for RMB 23

Hawthorne sherbet (冰淇淋) for RMB 12

Dadong Kaoyadian 大董烤鸭店
5th floor, Jinbao Place 五楼,金宝街店
Dongcheng District, Jinbao Jie 东城区, 金宝街
Beijing, China 北京,中国
Tel: 86 10 8522 1234

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  1. okay no.1 the place looks lovely!!:) i must remember to a bring "photo-worth" outfit for this;) no.2: the roast duck looks delish!