Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Goubuli Baozi from Tianjin (狗不理从天津)

Spring has come, which means more time traveling outdoors. We took a day trip to Tianjin, a port city 30 minutes by train away from Beijing, and enjoyed its period European architecture and their specialty food: 狗不理包子 Goubuli baozi

We headed to 食品街 Tianjin Food Street, a covered commercial complex selling all sorts of food from different parts of China, and headed to the corner lavish restaurant that advertised itself as authentic Goubuli Baozi.

百年酱肉包, Steamed pork bun with sauced pork stuffing for RMB 13

It's as delicious as it costs!

传统狗不理 Traditional style steamed bun with pork stuffing, RMB 36 for 9 pieces

特色香酥鸡, Deep-fried chicken for RMB 58

狗不理 Goubuli
食品街 Food Street
t天津,中国 Tianjin, China

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