Monday, July 25, 2011

Capital M

One evening my friend and I did one of my favourite activities - restaurant hopping. We ended our trip in Capital M, a 5-star restaurant over-looking the Tiananmen Square. We arrived late into the evening when the soft lights and sophisticated decor blended perfectly with the rich cultural splendor of the view outside.

Photo of the terrace filched from the Capital M website

当然,the beautiful view and spot-on service came with a hefty price, so my friend and I used our student budget to split what we felt was one of the best main dishes in the menu.

Pan-friend Fillet of seabass - doused with Middle Eastern spices and served with spiced potatoes and Tarator sauce for RMB 256. I'd go for this again!

Capital M
3/F, No.2 Qianmen Pedestrian Street
(just south of Tian'anmen Square)
Beijing 100051 China
中国北京市, 前门步行街, 2号3层 
Tel 86 10 6702 2727


  1. This restaurant is amazing! I went there on some company's expense account because I was escorting the wife of one of the board members around Beijing. It's pretty steep, but they have this really decadent risotto that I would highly recommend.

    Oh and the view is breath-taking.

  2. S! Yeah I really like this place. I loved the view. I just had to stop for a bit and look at it. We were wearing shorts, slippers and sneakers when we went in but our waiter in a tux waited on us hand and foot =) Superb service