Monday, August 15, 2011

Cooking class @ The Hutong - Water Spinach

I celebrated my first weekend of my genuine summer by attending the cooking class held by the expat club The Hutong. I've been eyeing their Pakistani and Carribean cooking classes since February, but it was only now that I had ample time and energy to get up for their morning class. It's summer: no work, no school, no excuses. 

It was the first time I dealt with water spinach. There were around 11 of us attending class.

The first time I used black bean chili and fermented beancurd. I now know what sort of wonders they can do for each dish.

This was my favorite: water spinach stems cooked in black bean chili paste.

I don't know who you are but you changed my life in ways that you will never know.

Do you see the big knives that can cut your fingers? I was scared slicing with them because I imagined myself slicing my fingers off.

The first time I held chili like this.

Garlic, ginger and star anise

I was the first eager beaver that had my way with the wok.

Spinach leaves cooked with fermented beancurd. YUM.

Another dish we cooked was deep-fried chicken. I did not realize deep-fried actually meant deep-fried submerged in oil.

The Hutong
#1 Jiu Dao Wan Zhong Xiang Hutong
九道弯中巷胡同 1号
Tel 86 159 0104 6127

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