Thursday, August 25, 2011

RBT 仙踪林 Cafe

Every so often I would attend a Chinese culture class held by a Chinese native who teaches English. She uses the time to practice English with foreigners, and it helps me find out topics about the Chinese culture that I would otherwise not think about or research on. It's been an awesome learning experience for me, but just as awesome is the food they serve in the cafe we meet in.

I have to note though that after a month of not visiting the cafe, I found that they changed the menu and some of the selections. They no longer serve the French toast I love! So I had to settle for something closer to it.

Honey Waffle 蜂蜜脆皮松饼 for RMB 26

RBT 仙踪林 CafeNo. 15 Zhongguancun St,
Zhongguancun Plaza Mall (新中关),
3rd Floor

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