Monday, September 05, 2011

Market, market

Early August, I started a Beijing cooking club with a couple of my friends from badminton, so before our first attempt for a get-together, I went to the wet market near my place and checked out what I can contribute to our dinner. I've forgotten how the colors of the wet market gave me a natural high. It was a sunny day out in Beijing so it was lovely how the afternoon sun gently lit up the fruits and heightened their colors, making them look more appetizing.

圣女果 (literal translation is woman of great moral virtue fruit) Cherry tomatoes for 10元/3斤

脆甜大枣 Sweet Chinese dates for 5元/斤

红甜大枣 Sweet Chinese dates for 5元/斤

红杏 red apricot 10元/3斤

红枣李子Red date plum for 5元/斤

甜瓜 Cantaloupe

甜桃 Sweet peach for 10元/2斤


香蕉 Bananas

青苹果 Green apple for 4元/斤

huge slabs of 豆腐

青菜 Green veggies!

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