Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Metabolic Pumps (1 of 4)

My mom is a health nut, which was ok with me growing up since if we wanted junk food we can just drive out of the house. But now I thank her for making my transition to a healthy life much easier because turns out we've been eating healthy stuff all our lives (we still argue about my sweet intake all the time, though).

I don't claim to have gone Anne Hathaway or Mila Kunis ever since I've gone healthy, but I've been having relatively regular trips to the washroom, and I think it keeps me happy.

Here's a some of the food lying around in our house all the time, and incorporated in our food preparation. This article is meant to get you started in increasing your metabolic rate. The list  is a product of random readings and our lifestyle.

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The first of four posts.

1. Green Tea - Packed with flavonoids and antioxidants, promotes fat oxidation, meaning, you burn calories from the food you’re eating while you’re eating and digesting it. Our helper always keeps a pitcher of it in the kitchen, and we have tea in our water jugs when we go out for a drive. I've also gotten used to asking for hot tea when eating out in restaurants, thanks to my China lifestyle.

2. Coffee - Major anti-oxidant, if you don't add milk, which is an oxidant. So when you have milk with your coffee, you're drinking something useless. Caffeine also jump-starts lipolysis, the breakdown of fat. Right now we have three different types lying around at home: Yunnanese, Vietnamese and Ifugao coffee.

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3. Oats - high in fiber, keeps insulin levels low. Heat water, drop it in, dance a little, and then have your breakfast.

4. Low-fat Yogurt - Some live bacteria help the gut process food more efficiently. Original flavor is best as flavored yoghurts are full of sugar. Add cinnamon (natural blood stabilizer) or coconut sugar for sweet goodness.

Stay healthy, be happy!

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