Saturday, March 28, 2009

Su Ann's pesto

This was what jumpstarted the madness.

Sick of Subway sandwiches, Kopitiam and hawker food, I took control of my life by asking my friend Su for the easiest pasta recipe. Without batting an eyelash, she recommended Pesto. It only needed olive oil, garlic, basil, wheat pasta and then there you had your next meal.

I went over Ramon's, reigned over their huge and hardly used kitchen and turned my friends into my minions. They sliced, diced, crushed and drained. And then - the first batch.

Charles was the first to tread over unchartered territory, and when the pasta and the sauce settled in his taste buds, and he thoughtfully said, “It's ok...”

It sounded comforting at first, but then it hit me that I should not trust a guy who has never had Pesto.

I tasted it myself, and my first thought was, Earth, swallow me now. It tasted so much like garlic juice that it could have killed a vampire. Jho remedied the sauce by putting the rest of the olive oil and basil leaves in the blender (effectively, there was a bottle of olive oil within the sauce!), and then we came up with something more edible.

Behold - the first taste testers. The ones who dared.

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