Sunday, July 19, 2009

Food Festival in Clark Quay

Clark, Wen, Michelle and I had dinner in the Clark Quay Food Festival. Although I've tasted most of the food they featured, the Festival merits a post because I've never had so much delish food for just SGD 12 (we shared the food we bought, but still!)

Tapas Tree Paella for SGD 8/plate

Nasi Lemak with Iklan Bilis for SGD 6

Grilled chicken with coconut and spices for SGD 2 per stick

Casuarina Plain prata for 4 SGD

King Satay Chicken Satay for SGD 4

Chen Fu Ji crab bun for 2 SGD each

Stay clean!

Special mention to non Filipino dude
who spoke to us in Filipino to sell the Satay!

We had our yummeh Hokkaido ice cream by the steps by the river overlooking the party lights of Clark Quay

Winner discovery: caramel sea salt and tiramisu

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