Sunday, July 19, 2009

Le Cairo Cafe in Haji Lane

After Anna, Liz and I had our visual feast in Haji Lane, we settled in Le Cairo Cafe because we were too hungry to walk back. The dishes were all nothing short of delish!

We had Mez’ze (SGD 15) - assortment of dips, aka Garbanzo fest.

eggplant dip

feta cheese of sorts

chickpea dip

YUMMEH assorted greens

chickpea version 2

the real chickpea!

pickles and olives - have never been so delish!


We also had Meshawi (SGD 19) – an assortment of beef and chicken kebabs and a lamp chop. The lamb was perfect.

Looking for more Med hunts!

Cafe Le Caire
39 Arab Street
Tel: +65 6292 0979

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  1. Let me rip this off! The food pics make me salivate, and to think I was planning to skip lunch. =S