Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wang's kaya butter toast and kopi-C

I was Wang’s daily patron until the staff identified me as their only customer who orders one slice kaya butter toast (SGD 1.30) when the pressingly economical option is to take two slices (SGD 1.70).

I found out that Kopi (SGD 2.10) used 2 measures of condensed milk,
so I switched to the less fattening alternative of Kopi-C (SGD 2.3)
which uses evaporated milk and two measures of sugar.

I cannot do justice to The Kaya Butter Toast. Photo from here.
I say this with outmost convinction:
their Kaya Butter Toast is THE BEST.

Afternoon joy!

Wang's Cafe
1 Maritime Square
#01-83 Harbourfront Centre
Tel: 65 6274 4511

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