Monday, August 10, 2009

Botak Jones and Billy Bombers

For our post National Day celebration, Friday Night Club -/+ introduced Bill to (the highly recommended!) Botak Jones which serves Western food in a hawker atmosphere.

Some of the notable ones we had were:

Cajun Chicken at SGD 7.50

Their specialty - Botak Burger at SGD 7.50 (comes with 2 side dishes)

Then for dessert, we headed to Billy Bombers (in honor of Bill) for some fondue fun. The good thing about the place was that it had the 50's feel complete with the diner chairs and the old 50s song that played at the back of our heads long after we left.

Chocolate Fondue at SGD 23

Ok, my picture doesn't do justice but one can never go wrong with chocolate fondue

Botak Jones
Orchard Youth Park
121 Somerset Road
Tel: 65 6735 0225

Billy Bombers Classic
2 Handy Road
#01-11/12 The Cathay
Tel: 65 6735 5381


  1. nice! It looks so good faith! How long have you been in SG? I think I saw you when Glenn took you around law school!

  2. heya chris, great to hear from you again =) i've been here for about a year and i've made eating my hobby. haha! how are you?