Monday, August 10, 2009

Jasmine's Solemnization Ceremony and National Day drinks at Acid Bar

Su and I attended Jasmine's solemnization ceremony. I love Indian celebrations like these because it's so colorful!

My stalker pics in an effort to capture some of the vibrant sari colors

A beautiful back sculpted by belly dancing

Traditional Punjab dance

Performace ala Jai Ho

Food was catered by Riverwalk Tandoor, prolly the best place that offers North Indian food.

Chicken Satay - sure win!

Mutton Korma

Paneer Palak

Matter Paneer

Naan with Mint sauce - WINNER

Yellow Dhal Tadka

Pepper based veggie

Mutton Satay

Butter Chicken - never fails!

Fish Masala

Gulab Jamun

Bubur Chacha (Dessert)

After the wedding, we chilled out with some cocktails in Acid Bar where I tried out some new concoctions

Black Russian - vodka and kahlua at SGD 15.
Wheezed out right after. A good break from Bourbon Coke

Su's Mojitos at SGD 15

Riverwalk Tandoor
20 Upper Circular Road
#B1-38 The Riverwalk
Tel: 65 6536 0875

Acid Bar
180 Orchard Road
Peranakan Place
Tel: 65 6738 8828

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  1. Oh my god, those gulab jamun balls look amazing. Your blog photos are killing me!