Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cafe 69, Hanoi, Vietnam

For our last Vietnamese meal, Clark, Jho and I hit Cafe 69 for a chillax vacation ender slash UBE meal. The place was a beautiful fusion of Western and Vietnamese influences - jazz music reverberates on the dark wooden walls, pho served on European ceramic bowls.

The last of the avocado shake series - VND 12,000

Home made creme caramel at VND 20,000

Bun cha Hanoi (first part)

Bun cha Hanoi (second part)
marinated pork BBQ pieces over coals
and served with fresh herb rice vermicelli and spring rolls
VND 55,000

Spring rolls at VND 45,000

Sea bass fish fillet in banana leaf VND 70,000

Cafe 69
69 Ma May Street
Hanoi, Vietnam


  1. Oh yum! Grr this makes me wish I ate that dinner! :-) -ynna

  2. dont worry babe, sobrang sulit din yung pag ikot nyo =) milk everything out of the stay of sorts. i would have done the same thing but I was just so tired and hindi talaga ako pasalubong person. hahaha =P