Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fanny ice cream, Hanoi Airport

I seriously thought I missed this in Hanoi because between dinner and last minute shopping at the heart of Old Quarter, we couldn't spend time looking for Fanny ice cream along Hoan Kiem Lake anymore.

Well, as The Secret says, the more you want something, the more it will come true for you. I really wanted Fanny ice cream, and it was serendipitous that when we entered Cafe Restaurant (I don't make up restaurant names!) as a last place resort where we can spend some idle time, the Fanny ice cream sign greeted us on the table.

Perfect cap for a sweet escape

Martiniquaise at USD 6 (USD 0.50 cheaper than outside ice cream)
Rum, vanilla and coffee ice cream, coffee liquor,
almond and whipped cream (yup, that much in there)


  1. NICE NICE NICE! Someday kakain din ako niyan sa Vietnam! haha :) Lumabas na yung aegis niyo? Yung amin hindi pa! :( there's even a facebook page for that na nga e.

  2. Haha sige yummy sya! parang gelatto, super creamy!

    i read the articles of your friend ray. grabe galit talaga sya! i dont know if i've received the yearbook and frankly i'm not looking forward to it kasi mukha akong dork. hehehe.

    which reminds me, yung baby pics ko nga na nakalagay sa HS book hindi ko pa nakukuha. but at least nakuha ko na yung high school book nung 3rd year college. ok completely random