Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gourmet dinner from Pinta Gold Cruiser, Halong Bay, Vietnam

An afternoon of cave explorations, adrenaline rushes and chillaxing on our beach beds as we cruised by the bay in view of the 1000 year old rock formations brought us to the next highlight of the trip - our dinner

Shrimp in ginger

vietnamese noodle

Seriously - fried spring rolls

the shrimp cruiser!

front view of the shrimp cruiser




We were lucky enough to be on the same ship where the couple celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. 36! So the staff brought out mocha cake and some champagne

Yes, you read it right.

Perhaps love =)

Key take away from Clark and Ynna:
The Secret - the stronger you want it, the more it will come to you
Yes, we all really wanted cake after dinner.

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