Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Hanoi, Old Quarter, Hanoi

We went with the suggestions of Ynna's trusted Lonely Planet E-book and found ourselves to one of its celebrated restaurants - Little Hanoi. Took forever to find but we also took forever to eat so in the end we felt satisfactorily fed and geared up for more walking.

DIY fresh fish spring rolls at ~ VND 55, 000

It has especially thin and crisp rice rolls.
The first time my tongue has touched its kind
Spring rolls at its best - without doubt

Stir fried shrimp at VND 50,000

Fried chicken with cashew nuts at VND 50,000

Fried catfish with sweet and sour sauce at VND 55,000

Pork roasted with orange sauce at VND 50, 000

Carama squid with sesame, chili and lemon grass at VND 55, 000

Little Hanoi
4 Ta Hien Street
Hanoi, Vietnam

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