Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vietnamese Buffet at Sen, Hanoi

Finding Sen was a happy accident. We were looking some high end buffet restaurant that charges VND 250,000 when the cab driver brought us to some carnival place where a lot of Japanese tourists were parked. We all felt tired and hungry and didn't want to add to our VND 90,000 cab fare, so Ramon and I checked our the place and I impressed with the ambiance.

This buffet package cost VND 170,000. Super sulit considering it was the first time we had escargot!

Trust that I tasted everything that I feature here. I'm not a glutton, but yes, I ate a lot.

Highlights are:


A member of the clam family

Second set of snails!


Sea shells by the sea shore of sort

Frozen manok

Rubber duckie


Plus the usual suspects:

Braised ox tail with Chinese herbs

Steamed clam Thai style

Eternal spring rolls

Fish something

Rice based wrapped of sorts

Oyster bar

Fish again

soft shell crab

Grilled shrimp

Grilled clams

Pork served brazilian style

Baked oysters - not the best in my limited experience...

Then the main course... =P


Red bean sesame balls!

Pineapple custard of sorts


Guess who is yummier =)

Chocolate cake take 2

Sen Restaurant
No 10, Lane 431, Au Co Road
Tay Ho District
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 84 4 719 9242

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