Friday, September 25, 2009

M Cafe, Greenbelt, Makati

For last night's dinner, Pam, Siox, Marion and I went for the sophisticated and fun M Cafe. Imagine how much you can charge for simple ingredients, fine china and a relaxing ambiance

Appetizer! Prawn crackers, anchovies (!), cucumber and carrots

Roasted honey duck rolls (hoisin lime sauce, toasted sesame, prawn crackers) Php 350

slow braised country lamb shank 'kare kare' at Php 495
roasted baby eggplant, snake beans, banana heart, baby bok choy, home made spicy bagoong

Sesame dilis kung pao style at Php 300

Honey duck pizza (Php 495). Essential ingredients are carabao's cheese (kesong puti), cucumber, char siw and lime sauce

Below is the chocolate creme brulee trio at Php 288. Among the 6 flavours to choose from, we had basil, kaffir and pandan orange.

I got confused with the basil flavor, but I suppose we picked that because we wanted to be adventurous.

This is kaffir, the best among all our choices

The pandan also had a strong savoury flavour about it. Didn't quite catch the pandan flavour that I'm used to

All in all, M cafe is a great experience. I failed to go for one of their beautiful cocktails, however.

Museum Cafe
Glass Wing, Ayala Museum,
Makati Ave. cor. De la Rosa St.,
Makati, Metro Manila
Tel: 63 2 757 3000

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