Friday, October 16, 2009

Our farewell Antipasto in Phuket

In many instances in Phuket, I saw more foreigners than I did locals. I suppose it's because of this that there are restaurants that cater to each (high paying) nationality. The Dubai and Indian strip was at the end of Beach Road, followed by Oz, Spanish and Starbucks. This was followed by the stretch of seafood establishments, then some ang moh cuisines like this Italian one that was in the middle of Beach Road.

We picked the Italian restaurant because it was alluringly empty which meant they may serve our food faster. It has a brick oven at the corner of their open air restaurant that flamed once in a while even if they was not baking any pizza. Soon after we finished ordering, an Italian baranggay passed through the gates and took over half the restaurant. We'd like to believe that we attract good business.

I wanted to share the lovely antipasto that we had (THB 180). It was composed of a selection of mortadella, salami, coppa, peperoni, olives and pickle vegetables. So much for going local, but it was quite satisfying for a light dinner.

Bye Phuket!

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