Thursday, October 15, 2009

Savoey Seafood Restaurant, Phuket, Thailand

For last weekend's Saturday dinner after our near death experience in the Andaman, we headed to Savoey Seafood along Beach Road for some lobster.

Lobster, I saw, was a darker and harder shelled version of the shrimp.

It was difficult to choose which seafood to get because it felt surreal thinking we will eat them eventually.

We had the lobster baked in garlic. The first time I ate lobster in a longgg time.

We also had the fish cooked in garlic and spices (Fish is at THB 150 per 100 grams)

Pineapple shake =)
The ravages of war:

Savoey Seafood Restaurant
Along Beach Road,
Phuket, Thailand


  1. Wow... large crustaceans! I feel itchy just looking at the pics!

  2. ako rin i've never seen anything those big! its mutated shrimp! or baka maliit lang talaga yung shrimp natin

  3. Philcokin@hotmail.comMay 5, 2011 at 2:27 PM

    looks good but actually the cooking is a disaster. Went there last April 2011, crab had absolutely no tast, under cokked. The rice, even the rice, they managed to screw it up.... was of very bad quality, cheapest on the market probably. They just do not care, everyday a new hord of tourists are coming to eat only one time there... Before you go to the table, have a look at the cooking station just behind the seafood stall... it will give you ahint at what you can expect.