Monday, October 12, 2009

Patong Food Park, Phuket, Thailand

For our first meal in our beach weekend in Phuket, Clark, Ramon and I only had to cross the street and hop into Patong Food Park (along Rat U Thit street) for some freshly cooked seafood. Basically you may pick your raw seafood and choose how it will be cooked. Much like Dampa, but I must say I love Dampa much more.

The colors of the crab and the delicate fish skin held a brief spell on me. I couldn't possibly destroy that. So we opted for the funny blue fish for our steamed fish with lemon and spice.

It was magical how its vibrant yellow and blue shifted to dull gray as the temperature of the cooking pan rose. Eventually it turned into the steamed fish with lemon and spice (~THB 150/100 grams)

It slightly spicy on the buds but it turned sour at one's juicy bite. We picked on the fish meat even at the side of the bones.

Plus it came with its own charcoal set to ensure the warmth of the dish

Down to the bones! It was that good.

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