Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend in Phuket

After several months waiting for a random trip we booked 3 months back, Clark, Ramon and I finally flew in Phuket for a swiflty-plucked-out-of-work vacation.

Instructions as per the car window: you are allowed to do these things inside the van...

Random limestone monolith in Ko Phi Phi

Clark caused a small commotion on our last afternoon when he found a huge spike fish wash on the shore. It was alive and we kept on dragging it back to the sea, but the waves kept on pushing it back to land. Its fins were not strong enough to carry itself...

Spikes shooting out of its skin

Aside from this heart rendering moment and the adrenaline-rush-near-death experience that trapped us amidst the raging storm in the middle of the Andaman sea for 5 hours, it was a relaxing weekend.


  1. Poor pufferfish... too bad you couldn't save him.

  2. pufferfish pala yon! yeah its fins were too small to swim back to the deep part of the sea =(

    super spiky tho. as in masakit yung skin nya