Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Red, Shangrila Hotel

This is rather belated, but we celebrated Mommy's birthday in Red last September.

I believe I acquired from my mother my penchant for dining well. She always made sure to take us to the fancy restaurants where she had her business meetings so we may taste the delicious food she has experienced. I think this is also why I'm price insensitive to food, because I believe that if it's good food and a great environment, it deserves to be rewarded.

I liked dining in Red because although red was too strong of an interior theme (well I couldn't really blame them), the baroque style chairs and the significant space between tables gave me a sense of privacy despite the groups of people behind me. Plus we were seated facing the garden, waited on by a lovely woman who paid close attention to all our needs. And the food! The ones I feature below are especially delish.

The photos were taken from my brother's phone cam, hence the grainy images. Prices are withheld at my Mom's request.

It's just a napkin! Presented in elegant details

Pumpkin soup


Greek salad

Sea bass I think?


Greetings from Shang. It's small things like these that make the stay count.

Makati Shangrila Hotel
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue
Makati City 1200
Tel: 632 813 8888

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