Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taho in La Mesa Dam

I commend ABS-CBN for maintaining La Mesa Eco Park! This is one of my most fond experiences for this break. I spent the afternoon with Michelli and we explored all the activities. Many were not available at the time we visited (we missed the paintball, the boat ride, the rapel), but nonetheless it did not leave us wanting.

Ready, set...

Zipline for Php 50

Wall climbing for Php 100

Beautiful. =) Thank you for saving the little that is left.

WIN. I haven't seen the word Waray in years!

The sari-sari store is the prime example of Philippine entrepreneurship.

There is so much more where this came from! Reminds me of Pok Fu Lam. =]

The eco jeep! No to carbon dioxide!

Really - all sorts of stuff around. Arts and crafts in the middle of no where. Amazing!

The view from above the park.

Plus: horseback riding for Php 100

The bike and fitness trail. We'd explore it but our legs hurt too much for the wall climbing and all the walking.

And then, we saw it. Old school Taho! Brings back memories of Manong Taho from elementary.

Php 10 a glass

Wonderful day. One to remember!

La Mesa Eco Park
Dahlia Ave, Quezon City
Cookbook Kitchen, Mandaluyong

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