Saturday, January 02, 2010

Akasakatei along Ghost Street (Gui Jie 鬼街)

For our last dinner together Bianca and I headed back to Ghost Street and to the same restaurant we binged in two nights before. Akasakatei serves great rib-eye steak and their marinade for their eel is extra sweet. Plus you can cook your food in front of you.

我们上个星期天凌晨二点在鬼街持我们的最后晚饭。 我们在日本饭店去了。他们的客人可烧在前面他们的反。

Gui Jie 鬼街, or Ghost Street, has a strip of restaurants where post-party goers sober up and have ungodly hour dinners.

Greenfields Roll for RMB 58

Bai's number 1 Rib - half a serving for RMB 38

Roast Rice Ball for RMB 18

Akasakatei Japanese Restaurant 日本饭店
Along Ghost Street 鬼街 (Gui Jie)
Beijing, China 北京,中国

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