Monday, February 15, 2010

Moti Mahal, Agra, Incredible !ndia

I was lucky enough to be sent to India to run an event featuring top FIIs. Afterwards, we spent some days exploring major landmarks of Mumbai, Delhi and Agra. Some bits from our Mumbai trip:

I forget the brand of this car, but it was ubiquitous in the city.

CST, or Victoria Terminus, where Jamal and Latika met

Indian babes by India Gate

We flew from Mumbai (the financial capital) to Delhi (the government capital) so we could drive to Agra for the Taj experience (4 hours away from Delhi). We stopped by the famous Moti Mahal for brunch.

Poori Bhaji - Indian delicacy of soft thin bread served with curried potatoes and home made pickels for INR 135

the curried potatoes and pickles

Saag Panner - Cottage Cheese in traditional spicanch and butter sauce for INR 225. Paneer is the mixture of spinach and cottage cheese, but Saag and Palaak (is differentiated by the way the spinach is cut.

Butter Chicken - oven roasted chicken simmered in Oriental spices, tomatoes and butter for INR 235


  1. Notice how Indians only eat with their right hand?

  2. Yes! =) Using the first 3 fingers only. =)