Monday, February 15, 2010

ITC Mughal, Agra, Incredible !ndia

It is true what they said: The Taj was nothing like the pictures. It was even nothing like how Danny Boyle beautifully captured it in Slumdog.

It was magical how I saw it for the first time. I pushed and shoved myself out of the crowded gate and then into the dome that leads to the entrance of the garden, and when I finally emerged into the light, the dome shined silver under the noon day sun.

View of Taj from the Agra Fort, supposed to be framed by the star of David.

The Taj was beautiful, yes, but the trip within Agra was very very tiring. We gave up trying to find some middle class recommended restaurant, and went in ITC Mughal with our dirt smeared clothes and dusty rubbershoes.

Grand Mughal Kathi - crispy thin paratha stuffed with morsels of charcoal smoked chicken tossed with light spices, onions and peppers for INR 675

ITC Mughal
Taj Ganj, Agra,
Uttar Pradesh, 282001,
Tel: 91 562 402 1700

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