Monday, June 28, 2010

Pilot Episode in Angeles Flying + C's Italian Dining

Thanks to Alex for pushing us to try out Angeles Flying Club in Pampangga, and it was one of our best out of town trips thus far! It was an adrenaline rush seeing so many provinces below my feet, having the high speed wind blow through my face, with the temperature of the morning sun just right =) I was lucky enough to have Mr Max as my very friendly and accommodating guide and mentor.

Ruth's eye caught very good frames on this album.

Php 1M / light aircraft. Weight limit is 105 kg.


Full speed ahead to Mount Arayat!

Common thoroughfare >:)

At one point, Mr Max took me 50 feet above the farmers while they worked on their rice fields, and I had the pleasure of deliriously waving at them.

Pampangga Piggery

Beautiful sunny morning. Many thanks to the normally rainy weather for allowing this great adventure.

For lunch, we headed to C's Italian Dining, located within the Ho district of Angeles City. At first, I didn't expect much when I saw the interiors: dark walls, the chandeliers unmatched, and their metallic chairs didn't fit the ambiance. I forgot about all of that when I tasted the food! Creamy and in big servings, it was definitely worth the travel. We entered the establishment with the place looking empty and drab, but by the middle of our lunch, it was filled up and lively.

Pesto sauce with whole wheat bread

Saint Jacques Panizza - Scallop flakes, shrimp, sun dried tomatoes and chili flakes for Php 690

This went with the panizza

Final panizza wrapping

Carrot and pumpkin soup for Php 250

Chicken Alfredo Pasta for Php 590

Tiramisu for Php 180

Angeles Flying Club
Woodland Airpark, Talimundok, Sta Maria
Magalang, Pampangga
Tel: 63 45 8022101

C's Italian Dining
Don Juico Ave
Angeles City
Tel: 63 45 892 4059


  1. I find C's expensive but the panizza's worth it. :)

  2. I think that is where the first panizza's in PH were sold!

  3. Yup. I think they sued Yellow Cab for copying the concept. So I heard.

  4. Oh haha! But a lot of establishments are doing it na. Like Uncle Cheffy's from Eastwood is doing it na rin.

  5. Faith you went flying talaga! Grabe ang galing.

  6. Wait you thought I was kidding when I told you guys that I was gonna go flying? =P

    I think Anton wants to do the shooting range. We can do it with him if you want. You me Anton and Arch. Don't think the girls are gonna be into it cause they are too ma-kimi for that

  7. Well it's a bit surreal lang to be flying a plane but congratulations at hindi ka nagcrash :P.

    For the shooting I'm so game. I wanna shoot at something!!!