Monday, June 28, 2010

Dieg's Bakery + Magalang Church, Pampangga

We were too early to fly in the Flying Club so we went back to town in search for breakfast. After a series of closed shops, we found Dieg's bakery right beside Magalang Church. I have not been to a local bakery in more than a decade. It was a pleasure smelling bread fresh off the oven and to purchase it for Php 3.00. Nothing costs like that in Manila anymore.

Magalang Church. I love bell towers.

Rustic charms: the church looks so raw - they haven't painted over the concrete and the statues of the saints

Spanish bread! It's alive! Very warm and it smelt inviting.

Whatever this meant, this was yummy too.

Bread for Php 3 was a sure win.

Dieg's Bakery
Along Arayat-Magalang Road
Pampangga, Philippines

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  1. nakaka-miss yung mga bread sa neighborhood bakeries, yung mga mumurahin lang :D