Monday, June 28, 2010

Sampalok Lake + Clydenjosh Luto sa Lawa

Sampalok Lake is one of San Pablo City's 7 lakes, but is the only lake that you can travel around in.

Mt Banahaw overlooking Sampalok Lake

Homogenous sari-sari stores along the circumference of the lake

San Pablo City as the Tilapia capital of the Philippines

One of the many fish pens within the lake

Common city province sighting

We had a short merienda in Clydenjosh Lutong Bahay at Yamang Dagat sa Lawa (Home-cook and sea food of the lake) which looked like the most upscale restaurant in the area. It seemed that their specialty was Tilapia and other cooked seafood, but we settled for the usual Filipino dessert picks of halo-halo and mais-con-yelo.

Halo-halo for Php 70. Green jelly! Not a usual ingredient, but otherwise, its a common halo-halo fare.

Special order of Mais-con-yelo (corn on ice). They were gracious enough to grant a special order even if this wasn't on the menu

Pork and tofu for Php 140. What is it that they put on the tofu?

Clydenjosh Lutuan sa Lawa
Along Sampalok Lake
SAn Pablo City, Laguna

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