Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Binondo Church and Cafe Mezzanine, Binondo, Manila

The main Binondo Church is only 32 years old (note the clean marble pillars and white cement ceilings in photo below) but the land mark is 400 years old. The bell tower (photo below) is the only structure that stood amid the bombings and natural disasters slapped by time. The reconstruction of the present church was funded by the Catholic Chinese community, many of whom reside or operate businesses in the area. *

The church is now a national shrine and a basilica minore for San Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino saint who was born in Binondo.*

The new and the old


Marble pillars and white ceilings (painted ceilings, actually, ala Michelangelo)

Our first stop was Cafe Mezzanine, the only themed cafe in the area. It was designed with the volunteer firemen in mind. After the war, Chinatown was victim to devastating fires. The government was slow to respond to these fires forcing the Chinese Filipinos to form groups of volunteer fire brigades. Today, these brigades are not only located in Chinatown but also in other parts of Metro Manila. Patronizing Mezzanine Cafe means donating to these volunteer fire brigades.*

Notice the hats on the right hand side. I love how they renovated the place.

Special Kikiam for Php 65

Special kiampong for Php 48 - I loved this!! Not too salty but uber sticky.

Spicy pork in Ube Pao for Php 45 - I loved this! The pao was warm and soft, the spicy pork was spicy at the right ante! I brought extra ones for home

Café Mezzanine
650 Ongpin cor. Yuchengco Street,
Binondo, Manila

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