Monday, July 19, 2010

Pasig Ferry Ride and Lumpia from New-Po Heng, Binondo, Manila

The Pasig River was an important transport route in Spanish Manila (before 1898), as well as a source of livelihood for small time fishers, and venue for leisure for swimming children. After the World War 2, massive population growth, infrastructure construction, negligence and industrial development plagued the river, so when the 90s rolled along, the river was declared ecologically dead. Increasing pollution was noticed when the fish migration from Laguna de Bay (another major body of water connected to Pasig River) diminished. In 1989, a rehab commission was set up to restore the river.

We spent the better part of Saturday morning in the Pasig Ferry enroute from Guadalupe to Escolta. We entered a simple yet functional ferry station (no space wasted!), was serviced by efficient staff, and was led into the boat that arrived on time (10:06 and not a minute more - helps that there is no traffic!). The boat had comfortable seats, was airconditioned, and had a flat screen tv that featured a Thai film (Nurturing culture in Filipinos! Good job.). I was surprised that a lot of people still used the ferry as mode of transport.

The comfortable ride lulled me to sleep but I woke up in time to see the landmark sites like the Malacanang and the Quiapo bridge.

Guadalupe to Escolta one way ride for Php 45

It was another big surprise seeing the original Manila Post Office right across the dock. I truly believe that Old Manila has beautiful architecture, it's only a matter of maintaining cleanliness and order around it.

We went to the New-Po Lumpia House inside the beautiful Art Deco Building to try out some of the famous fresh lumpia.

Lumpia for Php 45

I could taste the freshness of the ingredients, through is juicy chunks.

Other items in their menu come in huge servings:

Misuo Guisado for Php 60
Misuo Soup for Php 40
Maki Soup for Php 55

Nobody designs like this anymore! Evokes 70s architechture.

New-Po Heng Lumpia House
Uy Su Bin Building
(inside art deco building)
531 Quintin Paredes St.
Binondo, Manila


  1. IMHO, the ferry ride is a once in a lifetime kinda thing, and I don't mean that in a nice way.

    I loved the lumpia; I think it's a tad better than the one from Little Store. And I really wanted to try that Misua Guisado.

  2. Haha yeap, ditto. Tho it is an ok option if it's uber traffic and I really have to go to that part of Manila