Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kimpura in Greenhills, San Juan, Manila

I finally got my wish to have a lonesome and quiet Japanese meal in an almost empty restaurant. Kimpura was about to close for the afternoon, but they let me in as their last customer. I loved sipping the very hot green tea and feasting on my favourites.

Agedashi Tofu for Php 80. Cheap and warmed up just right.

I read somewhere that for one to remain healthy for the rest of one's life, they only have to eat tofu and molasses. Until you die. If you were trapped in an island and only had to eat two things, it will have to be tofu and molasses. That will guarantee a long and healthy life in the island. I love tofu, but I will not die healthy.

Super California roll for Php 395. The winning pick - it has all my favourite ingredients.

This says that European and American eels and born and are wired to die in Saragasso Sea. The larvae is hatched in the sea, use Saragasso as cover from predation, move to freshwater to mature, return to Saragasso to lay eggs, and then die there. It is humbling to realize that thus far, I have prevented too many eels from travelling back to Saragasso.

Kimpura Japanese Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave.
San Juan, Metro Manila
Tel: 632 721 8816

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