Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ziplining and Chocolate Cake from Cookbook Kitchen

I have a bit of acrophobia in me. It is normal to have that fear because evolved adaptation programmed us to associated fall with significant danger. The symptoms of an adrenaline rush kick in: clammy hands, increased heart rate, palpitations, anxiety and digestion on shutdown. But in all my cases of flight or fight, I always choose to fight. The highest I’ve gone so far is over 200 meters high in Macau Tower. The fear never fades, but the resolution to jump becomes stronger.

Ziplining in Circulo Verde places you 30 meters above ground in Superman style for Php 400.

10 second high pitched scream, then I fell silent - It would be really nice if they can landscape the ground beneath us. Murals would be equally ideal. Too many condos and retail shops may destroy the premier city garden positioning. Can they possibly get rid of the factories around area so they can jack up the prices? 30 meters above ground, and my fear of heights was trumped by the vision of the development. I felt the ride was too quick though.

After the ten second adrenaline rush, we had a quiet chat in Cookbook Kitchen with Kittin's Scarlet Cake and a slice of decadent. I love how the caramel tastes with the decadent sponge.

Helen's Chocolate Cake for Php 140

Circulo Verde
Calle Industria, Bagumbayan
Quezon City, Philippines

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